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Sculpt By Kelly Swann Ltd terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions, set out below, apply to all treatments provided by Sculpt by Kelly Swann Ltd (hereinafter, ‘Us’, ‘We’ ‘Our’) and The Patient (hereinafter, You).

We offer a variety of aesthetic treatments.

We warrant that We will provide treatment to you with reasonable care and skill and to the standard expected of a competent aesthetic clinician.

We confirm that We have appropriate insurance in place in respect of the treatment provided.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment if, in our reasonable opinion, We do not believe that treatment is in your best interests. We further reserve the general right to retain any deposit paid by You in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The cost of your treatment will be as agreed with Us. Save for payment of the Deposit (see 3, below) and unless otherwise agreed with Us, payment must be made in full on completion of your treatment. We reserve the right to charge interest on any late payment at the rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate as may vary from time to time.

You will be required to pay a booking fee for your treatment. The amount of the booking fee will depend upon the nature of the treatment provided by Us and must be paid, by You, in advance of any treatment received. Save as set out below, You agree that any booking fee paid to Us shall be non-refundable. If You are late for your treatment You will lose your booking fee and You will have to rebook your treatment and pay a further deposit.

In accordance with clause 3 all booking fees are non refundable. You have the option to move your appointment to a new date, however, You must give Us 48hrs notice to do this. If You are late for your appointment You will lose your deposit and You will have to rebook your treatment and pay a further deposit.


Any complaint about the treatment which You have received must be notified to Us immediately. You are recommended to refer to Our After Care, Understanding Your Results and Adverse Reaction policies which are set out below prior to making a complaint.

Whilst every care is taken by Us in providing your treatment, in the unlikely event of your having to make a complaint, You agree that Our liability shall be limited to the cost of your treatment. At its discretion, and without any admission of liability, We may, where We believe it appropriate and reasonable to do so, offer You a refund. Any such refund provided shall be in full and final settlement of any complaint.


You must avoid any blood thinners, such as alcohol, aspirin, herbal preparations and supplements and vitamin E for 2 days before and after your treatment. Thin blood increases the risk of bruising and/or migration of the product (including, Botulinum Toxin).

If You are in any doubt as to what may constitute a blood thinner you must contact Us for advice.

Please avoid wearing make up on the area which is being treated.

If You suffer from cold sores, You must take extra care. There is a risk that the treatment may activate your cold sore virus. We recommend that You take an appropriate anti-viral medication for 5 days before your appointment.

We reserve the right not to treat You should you attend your appointment with a cold sore and/or broken skin which could give rise to a cold sore. If We are unable to treat You on the day, the deposit which You have paid will not be refundable. If You are in any doubt, You must contact Us before attending your appointment.

If You have received a previous filler from another practitioner, and, as a consequence, We reasonably believe that the area has been previously treated and shows evidence of previous dermal fillers, over-filled, or migrated dermal fillers then We reserve the right not to provide treatment, in which case any deposit which has been paid by You will not be refunded.

If You attend for your treatment with a skin condition including, but not limited to acne, eczema, psoriasis, broken or otherwise inflamed skin, then We reserve the right not to provide treatment, in which case any deposit which has been paid by You will not be refunded. If You are in any doubt, please contact The Us for advice in advance of your appointment.

If You are late for your treatment You will have to re book it and You will lose your deposit.

Please note that We do not send out ‘before and after photographs. You will, therefore, need to take your own photographs prior to arriving for treatment.


After your treatment, the injection site may feel hard and bumpy for up to 4 weeks and, sometimes, even longer. If You feel a small bump after 3-4 weeks, We recommend that You give the area a massage twice a day this applies for lips only no other areas.

PDO cog and mono threads aftercare needs to be followed, please refer to the aftercare form provided. We do not remove threads. If You are unhappy with the thread placement or experience a complication such as dimpling of the skin or superficial thread you will be required to wait until the thread dissolves.

If You are in any way concerned, please contact Us immediately for advice.

Please be aware that bruising and inflammation is very common and is to be expected. You are recommended to apply a cold compress to the affected area for 20 minutes each hour during the day for 72 hours. Thereafter a heat compress should be applied for 20 minutes each hour. Antihistamines and Arnica gels have limited evidence of efficacy.

It is normal for the injection site to be tender and itchy post treatment. You are recommended to avoid touching the injection site for a period of between 6-8 hours following your treatment. By doing this, You can also reduce the risk of an infection arising.

We recommend that you do NOT do any of the following for a period of 24 hours following your treatment:

Consume any alcohol.


Apply make-up

Take physical exercise

Manipulate the treated area.

Lie down on the treated area

We recommend that you do NOT do any of the following for a period of 72 hours following your treatment:

Expose yourself to any form of extreme heat such as a sun bed, saunas, steam rooms or similar environment. Exposure to the Sun is to be avoided.

If your treatment consisted of having a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty You must avoid wearing glasses for a period of 72 hours following your treatment.

Please be aware that the failure to follow any of the above is likely to compromise the effectiveness of your treatment and, as such, is something which We cannot be held responsible for.

If You are in any doubt, please contact Us for advice.


You may require a further treatment and/or a correction for which We reserve the right to charge for. If so, You must make an appointment within 2 weeks of your treatment. If You do not do so, then you will need to make a new appointment, which will be chargeable. All top ups and corrections are at Our sole discretion.


Once your treatment is complete, it is important to understand that this is not the final result. It is normal for the treatment area to remain swollen, uneven, lumpy and/or bruised for a period of up to 4 weeks. Please do not worry. Such a reaction is to be expected and is perfectly normal!

As with any treatment it comes with risk. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these risks in order for You to make an informed decision. The result of a treatment will, necessarily, vary from person to person. This is due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the shape of your face, your facial tissue, your bone structure and the type and amount of product that has been used. There is no guarantee on the results that can be obtained through treatments.

Given the above, It is not possible to accurately predict how many treatments You will require and, accordingly, We cannot be held responsible if the treatment fails to achieve the desired effect and/or further treatments are required. You should also be aware that the effectiveness of your treatment may also be impacted by, amongst other things, your failure to follow our policies and/or protocols which are summarised above.


If You suffer any adverse reaction and/or you are in any way concerned about the effect of your treatment, please contact Us immediately. In an emergency, please telephone 07833445085 or 07725 543251

Again, if You are in any way concerned, please contact Us for advice.

If You have previous filler their can be a risk of migration and lumps in the future due to continuous movement of the muscle and a build up of old filler. If this happens and You would like the filler removed there will be a charge of £150.

Should You decide You are not happy with your results and want any fillers removed please note this is not a free service there is a charge of £150 to remove the filler.

Please be aware that no ones face is completely symmetrical and it is not possible to achieve total facial symmetry with dermal fillers. We can only look to improve an area. Any corrections needed must be done within the 2 weeks of initial treatment or there will be an extra cost. Each client can only receive one correction only if required after this two week period.

Once the treatment has begun, under no circumstances can We give full or partial refunds for any treatment rendered.

You will be required to complete a consent form prior to your treatment. The consent form is an extremely important document and forms part of your contract with Us. You confirm that you have answered all of the questions on the consent form truthfully and to the best of your knowledge and belief. The failure to do so is very likely to reduce the effectiveness of your treatment and, for which, we cannot be held responsible.

We reserve the right to vary any term or condition of the contract, including, without limitation, the cost of the treatment.

We are committed to providing a professional, courteous and efficient service to all of Our customers.

This is an internal procedure available to all customers who are dissatisfied with the standard of service provided by Us. All of our customers are important and we believe You have the right to a fair, swift and courteous service at all times.

We expect all parties to deal with issues, whether in writing or orally, in a courteous and business-like manner.

Rest assured, any expression of dissatisfaction about the service that You have received from us will be considered seriously and we will ensure that we respond promptly to any complaint. We will investigate your concerns objectively and try to generate a positive and speedy solution.

If you have a complaint, please write to us by email on Sculptbykellyswann@gmail.com or by post to
Sculpt by Kelly Swann Ltd
19 Winters way
Holmer green
Hp15 6ya

Once We are in receipt of your complaint, We will deal with it promptly, effectively and in a positive manner.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint.

We will endeavour to send a final response to you within eight weeks of receipt of your complaint. If We are unable to provide You with a final response within this time frame, We will write to you explaining why and advise when You can expect a final response.

This contract shall be construed in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate on any disputes arising.